Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Terry's 38th birthday

 Terry turned a whopping 38 on Saturday, September 3, 2016! 

Unfortunately we didn't do anything all that special for his birthday. Since we had just returned from our staycation the night before, I think we were all a little worn out. However, I did make the best ever chocolate cake and even though it came out lopsided, it still tasted fantastic.

We went to The Elks theater to watch Finding Dory, which was fun. After pizza movie night, we went ahead and had cake. Terry snapped this picture of me and laughed. I was trying to turn the cake to it's more photogenic side and got frosting on my finger. :)

Samuel and Ezra were adorable while we sang the birthday song - they didn't sing at all. They just sort of sat there looking all blank, staring at the cake, waiting patiently.

Shortly thereafter we put the kids to bed and loaded up our bowls.

And then we headed downstairs with our birthday cake and watched the gift I got for Terry, one of our favorite movies: Wild Target. Hilarious. Love you Terry!! 

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