Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Poor Terry: What Happened the Night of the Sleepover

The first weekend after school began we had our second sleepover swap with Asher and Elle. While driving home with some Papa Murphy's pizza I pulled into the National Guard parking lot to take in the incredible storm that was moving in.

The sky opened up once I was home and we were highly entertained, or terrified in Evie's case, watching the storm from the windows while dinner baked in the oven. Terry was nice enough to rescue my poor twice beat up fuscia from the hail. Man, I should have rewarded him better than I did...

Once dinner was done I snapped this picture and sent it to Frannie, just wanting her to see what Elle was up to.  

This is what she sent back to me.  

I couldn't stop laughing. HA! So, because I'm a mature adult I forwarded both pictures to our Lead the Cause group of students and leaders. During that trip, one of our only diversions was to send bad pictures of each other to the group. I thought they would enjoy this picture of Terry. Yeah, they did.  Hilarious. Poor Terry. Later that night Silas sent this photoshopped gem back to the group, reminiscent of what he did to Jazmin the entire LTC trip. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Nighty night time for the girlies.

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