Tuesday, February 2, 2016

first sleepovers

Somehow our kids got it into their minds that they wanted to have a sleepover; had to have a sleepover. We obliged them on New Year's Day

Evie went to Elle's house where they were incredibly silly and made no sense at all.

And Asher came to our house, ate beef stroganoff, and was probably equally as silly.

They played this random game the next morning.

The following weekend we made a switch and Elle came here. 

They just had to sleep under the loft because it was so magical and fun. Well, that only lasted ten minutes before they realized they were uncomfortable and slept together on top.  

Noah went to Asher's. 

The following morning the girls did some sledding.

And then had hot chocolate.

While Noah and Asher had a dart fight.

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