Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Noah's "new" room

Noah's room isn't technically new, not since he and Samuel first took up residence two years ago. However, he does have sole use since Christmastime when we moved Evie upstairs to the old nursery and Samuel and Ezra began sharing a room. 

It took a couple weeks, but we finally got him a little more settled in. My sister Stephanie gave me this lovely painting she made in college. It's based off a picture she took of baby Noah and I when the three of us had gone hiking near where Terry proposed on the ranch. It looks great in there!

Noah was quite thrilled to move all of his Lego things onto the ledge around his room. They've always been put away in a closet so the littles couldn't play with them. But now they're so much more accessible and he's getting more use out of them. I don't think he needs more Lego's...but he does.

In the corner by the closet we put his larger Lego sets and his new Christmas beta fish from Terry's folks. 

Meet Montana.

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