Thursday, February 4, 2016

sliding down a hill in snow

Two weeks ago I was heading to work on a snowy Saturday morning feeling secure in our 4 wheel drive Envoy. I was going slowly down the very steep hill behind and beyond our house, but apparently slow isn't slow enough when your tires are nearly bald, even if you have 4WD engaged. My brakes locked up and I proceeded to slide into the curb of the concrete island at the bottom of the hill. 
The google map truck must have been driving through during the Rally... Anyway, the island curb I hit is directly in front of this biker with the trailer.

Once I came to a stop I tried to keep going to work, however, the tires were making some flapping noises. I parked the Envoy and got out to take a look and discovered there was no way I was going to make it to work in it. I had flattened my tire.

I called Terry approximately ten times and once he finally heard his phone ringing he came to my rescue. He put the spare tire on and let me take the van to work. My hero! I was only a half hour late so it could have been worse. It was crazy busy that day too!

When I returned home that evening he took the Envoy to Bargain Barn to have it checked for damage. Thankfully there was none - no problem with the tire or rim. I must have hit only the tire so it came cleanly off the rim. Plus they said the tires were down to 15% tread. Terry was going to Denver the following week in the Envoy so he went ahead and bought new tires. Now the thing works like a 4WD vehicle should. Before the new tires, our van handled better than the Envoy in 4WD. 

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