Saturday, February 13, 2016

two-day-apart cousins 5th birthdays

Samuel and his cousin Grace were born only two days apart in 2011. Grace was born in Rapid City on January 30 and Samuel was born in Gburg, Nebraska on February 1. We didn't even meet each other until they were a few months old when we came up to visit on a whim. But since we've been back, they've celebrated their thirdfourth, and now fifth birthdays together (not sure what we did for number two...).

On Saturday January 30th we all headed out to the ranch to celebrate together. We had lunch and then went outside into the relative cold to hit a pinata that Jesse bought because Grace had begged for one. Grampa came up with a pretty ingenious way to suspend the thing...

Grace was so pleased. Of course they all were.

A tractor, a pinata, and a family. It was a good day.

Here's Grace's first go. 

A video after several turns worth of pounding.

Little Sarah was particularly cute. She'd go up to it, smile, and then tap it real gently.

Ezra was not so gentle. Wham!

Samuel can throw a ball pretty well and thus hit the pinata pretty darn hard.

Samuel cracked me up because he kept yelling out "Hi-yah! Hi-yah!"

Evie smacked it pretty good too.

But Noah is ten, nearly eleven, and therefore wailed on the thing. Evie was the resident cheerleader. She's not even seen many cheerleaders in action but she just naturally does it I guess. She literally sounded exactly like one - cheering, clapping, jumping.

"Hold on to your butts."

Go Ezzie!

Sarah would tap it and then turn around to smile for everyone. Evie's is in high form.

The candy is coming out!

Pile of cousins - and soon to add two more (one from Shari and Jesse and one from Nathan and Ana).

Good job birthday boy.

Samuel is getting old enough to handle little Legos.

Grace got some earphones and other things.

A Curious George book. He and Ezra just love those.

And the Cars track he wanted most of all.

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