Thursday, February 13, 2014

Samuel's 3rd birthday - part 1

Samuel turned three years old on February 1st. Daddy made party hats the night before for each of the kids to wear. Evie was the most excited about hers while Samuel didn't really care. But he was a fan of his waffle breakfast. 

We headed out to the ranch bright and early so Ezra could nap there and we could celebrate with Terry's family before his mom went to work. Grace was born just two days before Samuel so it's sort of become a tradition to celebrate together. 

Great Grandma and baby Sarah.  

I made my favorite chocolate cake that I made last year because, well, it's my favorite and Samuel still can't talk well enough to tell me what he prefers (though after his 3 year old check up the doctor prescribed speech therapy. so we will be doing a bit of that and hopefully it will help!). We had Samuel blow out the candles and then re-lit them for Grace. 

We forgot to give Samuel his "man necklace" for Christmas, so we made sure we gave it for his birthday. I like his face. Excited? Not so much. More like, "What the heck is this?" He always wears Evie's stuff so we wanted to get him something just for him. 

He liked the gun that Gramma and Grampa got him a lot better. 

He would not wear the cowboy outfit they also got him. Again, trying to encourage boy dress up clothes. But Evie was all about it. See her skirt between the chaps? Ha! 

 Sarah was looking so cute while Shari was playing Battleship. 

Grace wants to do everything Evie does so she got dressed up next and attacked Terry. 

Love that face! 

Terry got out his old cork gun that he apparently used to shoot at Shari. No corks left but it still cocks and clicks like it shoots. Samuel liked that too. 

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