Monday, February 17, 2014

climbing under stuff

I had to check my facebook to determine how long Ezra has been crawling. Since January 21st! At that point he was only 10 days away from being eight months old. Since then he's been motoring around the floor by his forearms and toes, army crawling style. I don't know why, but he's really drawn to the dining room. He likes to pull himself around under the chairs and table, get stuck, bump his head and cry for help. 

He's also very interested in playing under the buffet table next to the kitchen. We just keep toys under there but he's not even interested in those. He just wants to pull himself in there and hang out. This afternoon I caught him trying to climb up the stairs. We think he's not satisfied with crawling and wants to walk pretty bad. Who's to blame him though? Those brothers and sister look like they have a pretty good time on two legs. He likes to watch them out the back patio door.
He's always doing these impressive core "V" exercises where he puts his butt in the air. He's nearly doing it here even though it appears like he's leaning against the buffet. He's not. His butt is up. Silly baby.

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