Thursday, February 13, 2014

Samuel's 3rd birthday - part 2

After we spent the first half of Samuel's birthday at the ranch, my folks and brother and Ana came over in the evening to celebrate. We used the other half of the cake from that morning. Trust me, you can't have too much of that cake. 

Ana! And pudgy Ezra. 

Again, the theme for most of the birthday gifts was boy dress up clothes. Nathan and Ana got him this Ninja Turtle shell and nun-chucks. He liked to whip those things around. They're pretty soft thankfully.

I found this Batman costume at Target on clearance! After he refused to dress up in his cowboy outfit that morning, I didn't know if he'd put on the new stuff that was coming. But somehow he was alright about Batman and the turtle shell. Perhaps he prefers super heroes? Well, but, I mean, how could you not I guess? 

Oh Evie. She is such a goof. Even more than her wacky brothers! 

Perhaps she gets it from my brother. But wait, Nathan did this after Evie...

In order to encourage Samuel to play in his new dress up stuff, Terry also dressed up and battled Samuel. This is so attractive to me! I love it! 

And then they switched costumes. Watch out Daddy! He's gonna throw that bat dart thing at your face! 

Finally we were able to get him to dress up in the cowboy costume. He's so cute! Then he would shoot Terry with his gun until he fell over dead. It was so adorable when Terry would shoot him back and Samuel would drop. 

I think he had a pretty good day. Love that little caveman grunting punk so much!

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