Tuesday, February 18, 2014

finishing school books

Last week Noah hit three "milestones" in one day. Kind of. I just mean that he finished three books on the same day and it felt pretty cool. 
 We had been going through that Aesop's Fables book for reading and it's actually quite a hard book (I think so anyway, and he agrees!). He's got another one he's working on now. 

The Beta book was the Math-u-see equivalent of second grade so now we are on to Gamma which is multiplication. He's loving it so far! He most definitely prefers math to reading. 

It's not been that long since he finished the other half of his second grade Spelling book, but now we'll just work on finishing up Grammar. When we're done with that we'll borrow some third grade curriculum to take us through the summer where we'll start on Latin! I want to get him to the same level as his third grade friends, which is what he would be if we hadn't held him back. So yeah. Update complete.

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