Monday, February 24, 2014

awana quizzing

Noah has been doing Awana for three years, since 2011-2012 when he was six and we were in Gburg... I think. I am getting old and having a hard time remembering! After having done some research, I see that I wrote this post before we left Gburg so that's what I'm basing my timing on (I tell you what - having a blog is very helpful for remembering what's happened in our lives!).
Anyway, Awana is a program that helps kids hide God's word in their hearts and minds. And Noah is quite good at it. His mind just works the right way I guess. 

This year he was eligible for Awana Quizzing. This event, which is a competition for the area churches, took place at our church the first weekend in February while Terry was out of town for Dare2Share. My mom was kind enough to watch the other three punks so I could go with and watch Noah compete. He'd been practicing for a few weeks beforehand and really knew his stuff.

Here he is holding up the correct answer in the multiple choice section.

But he had a little difficulty after he missed one question. Either he didn't understand the question or he got flustered by missing a question or he just didn't know the correct answer. He ended up missing a few during this multiple choice portion. He was quite upset about that and needed some serious reassurance. That boy sure takes failure very hard. 

He rallied himself for the group question time. He and his little teammates Alex and Landon had to compete against the other groups and buzz in first in order to give an answer. In this photo Alex buzzed in and went up the microphone to give the answer. Noah is nervously holding his hands in his mouth and Landon is a blur. Unfortunately they got this question wrong and didn't buzz in soon enough for another chance.

The quizzing was definitely harder than I expected. And certainly for Noah as well. The questions  didn't want to know necessarily exactly what does the verse said, but something specific about the verse. Tricky. But all was (mostly) redeemed in Noah's eyes when his group placed third in their division and they received a red ribbon. He really wanted a purple ribbon but was glad to have got some kind of prize.
Alex, Noah, Landon and Pete.

Noah was pretty psyched to attend the Quizzing party at the Swim Center last Friday night. He and Landon played and ate pizza for almost two hours. He cried when it was time to go home. It was a good experience and hopefully he can do it again next year having learned some things. He did great though. Good job Noah!
Noah is in the striped shorts making his attempt to get on the turtle amidst the wrestling boys.

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