Wednesday, February 17, 2016

backyard sledding

Right now we're in the middle of mid-fifty degree temperatures but just a couple weeks ago we had a few inches of snow from the edge of a huge snowpocalypse that hit south of us. The kids are always happy to get snow though I am not. I have to put on the littles' snow gear for them and it puts me in a bad temper. I'll be ready for that to end, as well as wet underwear. Soon and very soon.

This must have been a Wednesday (Youth Group) since Terry was home in the morning playing with the kids.

He's a good daddy and pulls them around the yard. He stands in well for a four wheeler.

Take that Evie!

The littles' turn. 

We love not having neighbors behind us. 

In video:

The slide is more fun in the winter. So is the trampoline actually. 

When they came inside they had hot chocolate. What a cute mustache. 

Samuel's was less impressive. 

We received a bit more snow overnight.

Terry and the littles cleared the driveway while I did school with the olders. 

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