Wednesday, February 3, 2016

4H shooting club

We are doing 4H different this year. Instead of monthly meetings we opted to have just Noah participate in 4H shooting club weekly on Monday evenings. It's a little messy because our high school bible study is also that evening, but I'm able to be back for half of it and the kids have mostly behaved for daddy (except for Ezra's nasty poopy pull-up incident on the first night...). It's a good outlet for Noah and it's cheap. Win-win.

Here are the kids listening to one of the instructors the first evening go over the rules. 

Noah probably wouldn't be interested if his friend next to him, Moses, didn't do it. But I'd like him to learn and maybe even shoot with my dad someday. Right now they're just using BB guns from 15 feet. They've learned to shoot two positions so far - prone and sitting.

We bought him a BB gun a couple Christmases ago but he hasn't really used it much. This way he can really improve. This target is from the third evening and is a practice "sider." He can take as many shots at it before he fills up the other ten scored targets with one shot per target. He's improved a lot.

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