Saturday, February 13, 2016

napping Ezra

I went to get Ezra up from his nap a few weeks ago and he was still snoozing away. 

Usually when I go in there he's awake already so this was a rare treat. He was so cute and opposed to loud and naughty.

And then he woke up and made me remember why I like nap time so much... 

Aw, but still so cute. 

He's still a thumb sucker - gotta have an afghan blanket to do it though. In fact, Ezra was freaking out yesterday that Evie was wearing the blue afghan sweater Gramma K crocheted her that he used to drag around with him. He sort of forgot about it so I washed it and returned it to her closet. 

This was a couple weeks later on Samuel's birthday. He must have been extra worn out that day.  

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