Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Samuel's 5th birthday

Two days before we had celebrated Samuel and Grace's fifth birthdays with Terry's family but on his actual birthday, Monday February first, we celebrated with my folks. It was quite sad not to have Nathan and Ana here like they had been the last couple years.

It's our tradition to wake our kids up with the birthday song. Samuel was very much still asleep even though it was 8am.

Nearly awake...

There we go, he's properly awake now. And so cute and big!

It was Monday and I opted to do school with the big kids while the littles did whatever they wanted to entertain themselves. I snapped a picture for a family text message of Samuel sitting downstairs reading books.

Samuel requested Bean Dinner for supper that night, a recipe of my mom's that's extremely easy and simple. Worked for me! Afterwards my parents came over. 

Happy birthday Sah-muel!

Get ready...

...and blow!
Is it weird Terry was wearing the exact same shirt last year for Samuel's fourth birthday? A little maybe...
It's been nice having a smart phone to take short little videos that are easy to incorporate into the blog. Here's the birthday song.

Evie is so expressive. "Hallelujah! The Shaun the Sheep Movie!"

A t-ball tee for the backyard.

And a scooter.

"Bllllack cake," as requested.


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