Saturday, February 13, 2016

Noah on companionship

At the end of January we were at the library with some friends when I noticed Noah was somewhat engrossed in a weird looking book cover. I had him put it down when I realized it was an illustration of toddler zombies. The zombies really freaked him out, even if they were just a drawing. He was so frightened that night and since daddy wasn't home (youth group) I let him spend the night with Evie on her floor. 
Terry in the mirror kinda freaks me he shouldn't be there.

I could not convince Noah that the zombie children merely resembled the altered, ugly penguins from the Penguins From Madagascar movie - they really did. No help mom.

So he slept on Evie's floor for a week and a half before we insisted he go back downstairs to his room. He needed to overcome his fear, plus I was tired of her room being a mess.

He loved it there though. He kept saying how he missed "companionship" and has been begging to sleep up there some more. He's got such a tender heart. Maybe someday Noah.

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