Wednesday, February 10, 2016

flying turtles at the lake

Two weeks ago at the end of January we had a two day stretch of beautiful unseasonably warm weather. The first day, the kids and I went for a run to the park down the road. The next day we went to Canyon Lake Park to walk and roll.

Noah and Evie wheeled around on their flying turtles, Samuel rode his Strider, and I pushed Ezra in the stroller. We live on a little bit of a hill so they don't play with them as much as they used to (or when we had an unfinished dungeon). When Noah was little he used to roll around Gburg so much that his sides got sore from the motion of the thing.

This portion of the sidewalk is new and very smooth so the kids were excited to roll down it. It used to be steeper. The first time Evie went down it on the Strider bike, she totally wiped out. 

This is a video of them flying down the hill. 

We stopped at the biggest playground in the park along with like 20 other kids since it was so nice out.

Awww, Evie teeter tottered with Ezra.

Big homeschooled kids on the slide...

One woman who looked like Zooey Deschanel brought her son and ferret to the park. It was cute and intriguing...

We finished our time off by swinging maniacally on the tire swing. This was my favorite playground activity as a child. My dad used to swing us so violently I thought we would all fall off and die. We never did. 

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