Sunday, February 21, 2016

dating our kids

A couple years ago when we first moved back to Rapid, Terry took Noah and Evie out separately, on a one-on-one date outing. They really enjoyed it but we got away from it, perhaps because we moved into our house and life started picking up. After hanging out with some friends, Aaron and Jessica, who do this with their kids regularly, we decided we wanted to get back into that habit. Terry took Noah and Evie two weekends in a row and then I did the same the following two weeks. 

Both times Noah preferred to go the the seedy Arcade in the mall. I mistakenly blew our entire $10 budget on arcade tokens. Mom fail. From Noah's perspective it was a win.

I do not enjoy or appreciate video games so the arcade visit was truly out of a heart of love for Noah. From here on out I'd like to do something more active with him - like biking or hiking. He's lacking in that department. Out of all of our kids he's the least interested in anything outside.

This lonesome game in the back corner of the dark, grimy arcade was the highlight of my visit. Star Trek Voyager and 7 of 9. Oh yeah. 

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