Thursday, February 11, 2016

babysitting the cousins

During the second week of January we ended up babysitting our nieces Grace and Sarah since Shari had a potentially serious medical issue come up. When they dropped them off, Sarah, who is just over two years old, walked over to the stairs, sat down, and avoided eye contact with anyone all the while making this sourpuss face. She always makes this face - it cracks me up. Terry and I laughed and he even took her picture. "Not impressed Uncle Terry."

It was a last minute sort of deal so we adjusted our pizza movie night plans. I made an extra pizza and the kids had to sit upstairs at the table to eat and wait to watch a movie until afterwards (as opposed to sitting on the couch while watching like we usually do). Shari ended up being absolutely fine and they picked the girls up just before bedtime. 

I hadn't noticed initially, but when I looked closer, Sarah is totally making that face again below...

Yeah... HA!

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