Wednesday, February 17, 2016

stock show 2016 and mutton busting for Grace

At the end of the first week of February we took off a Thursday morning from school to go the Stock Show with Terry's folks and Shari and her girls. The first thing we did was go to the petting zoo.

There were a lot of kids in there but I wrangled them all together like a good cowgirl for a photo: Samuel, Ezra, Noah, Sarah (with  her "look"), Grace, and Evie.

Then I figured I needed to prove there were actual animals in there. Cows! 

Really, the only reason the kids want to go to the Stock Show at all is the escalator. No joke. 

Noah bought a wallet for $9 and I bought a couple things but what I really wanted was this cool bug wood table.  

There was a kids play area in the ice arena and I found a jiant jenga game, only a few inches smaller than the one Terry and Zeb made for the 2014 Fall Retreat

The silly promo video Terry made back then:

The kids got a kick out of these pictures. I like the bull's shoes...

Grace face.


That evening we all went to the fairgrounds along with Terry's folks, Shari and Jesse, and his folks to watch Grace try mutton busting for the first time. She saw them doing it at some point at last year's Stock Show and has been determined ever since to do it herself. She's pictured on the very left. 

We actually went to the wrong location at first but thankfully didn't miss a thing.

Here she is! Unfortunately she had a bad sheep...or it was harder than she thought it would be to hold on. I can remember wanting to mutton bust when I was little too. It's fun that she was able to. We really enjoyed the sheepdog trails afterward as well.

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