Sunday, October 11, 2015

sister visit birthday

I got to see my sister, Stephanie! She lives in Washington, so far away.

I hadn't seen her in two full years! Not since Ezra was a baby, the kids were so cute and little(r) and the dungeon was just getting finished. She flew into Minneapolis just before my birthday, stayed with Nathan, Ana and my mom in Kerkhoven, and came to stay with us the following week, just in time for her birthday. I felt bad because she made her own cake, dirt and worms or something, but at least I made her a birthday dinner. We also celebrated my mom's birthday, which is in between ours.

Happy birthday to you! Dad looks so lively ;)

Her husband, Steve, had some beautiful flowers delivered for her birthday.

He was real sweet and bought each of the kids a balloon. Samuel broke his right away but Noah shared his with him.

Eeeeeee :) I miss her face. It's so nice having a sister around. She understands me and my dark sense of humor. She knows where I'm coming from. 

Plus, she's fun to shop with! We did a great hike together too!

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