Thursday, October 1, 2015

Terry's Star Trek birthday at the ranch

Terry's 37th birthday was September 3rd, and since he gets his day off for his special day and Alice also had the day off, we went out to the ranch. We celebrated Alice's birthday as well, which had been August 26th. They look so much alike!
I used the wrong measuring cups and my frosting kind of melted, but it was still delicious.

Terry doesn't looked too pleased with Noah's singing... Ha ha.

He's wishing for some good gifts, some of which he received...

The crown jewel (and also the worst one) of said gifts was this metal model of the Starship Enterprise D (the Next Generation model). Looks cool right?

Well, it sort of turned into more of a nightmare for poor Terry. I had considered trying to put this thing together myself so he could just enjoy it, but I'm glad I didn't try. I wouldn't have been able to. It was extremely challenging and took Terry three hours. 

He received three Star Trek related gifts after I fell in love with them on Terry specifically asked for a bobble head or an Enterprise ship to sit on his car dashboard. I couldn't find any cool bobble heads so the Enterprise is what I decided on. It looked rather awesome, and though the website warned that it required perseverance to put together, I was confident we could manage it. 

It came as two small sheets of laser cut metal, the pieces of which you had to pop out and then assemble using tweezers, patience and a magnifying glass. There was no glue, only metal tabs to fold over. 

I helped take the pieces out of the sheets.

While Terry was busy, we went outside for a science experiment. It was super hot that day; so hot that Alice said an egg would probably cook on the sidewalk. We thought we'd test her theory. 

Nope, not hot enough. Of course, it may have been at 1pm, instead of 4 or 5pm, when we finally got around to trying it. 

Girlie scored a nice snack though. 

Came back in to find Terry pretty frustrated. The website said to be prepared with your best profanity. Thankfully he didn't have to use that 

Like I said, after three hours, he finally got it together. It started out on his car dashboard and is now suspended by fishing wire from the rearview mirror in our other vehicle. It swings around at light speed.

Terry was unsure of Shari's gift at first, thinking we were trying to tell him we could do without him. I thought it was hilarious, though perhaps it needs to be returned since he hasn't worn it yet. Get it? On the original Star Trek every time they go on an away mission they take these red-shirt wearing extras and they always get killed off.

My mom got him this Star Trek electronic door chime. It's awesome. You hang it by a door and when someone crosses the threshold, it makes the sound of the Star Trek Enterprise doors opening, and also the Communicator Whistle sound and the red alert alarm.

And of course I had to make Terry his favorite spiral sandwiches

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