Friday, September 18, 2015

first day of school 2015-2016

On Monday, August 31 we reluctantly started school. We didn't have all of our books because I'm perpetually behind when it comes to getting ready for school, but at least we began. Summer just seemed so short with all the trips and busyness so I wasn't feeling particularly ready. But it's been satisfying to be back at it. Somehow I'm less irritated with my kids when I'm purposefully teaching them. The kids themselves seem to do better with the added structure as well.

I thought an outdoor photo of the yearly, or bi-yearly, size comparison would be nice.

"Can we do a silly one mommy?"

Noah is 10 years old and is doing 5th grade work this year. We worked hard to get him back on track last year after starting him late for Kindergarten. It's very hard to believe that this will be his last year of Awana and starts Youth Group next!

Evie is 7 years old and has started 2nd grade. She came a long way in her reading last year and is doing well.

Samuel, like I mentioned a couple posts ago, is 4 years old and is doing his final year of Communication Preschool. Hard to believe he'll be starting Kindergarten next year!

Ezra is 2 years old and is busy making mischief in the basement at his own contrived Purple Minion School. 

Here we go again! I was thinking, "How do I do this again?" The kids were thinking the same thing.

Evie drew this and I thought it was quite cute. I like to remember these things. That is the point of the blog!

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