Friday, September 11, 2015

vacation 2015: Sioux Falls

Like I mentioned in my last post, in order for Terry and I to see Tim Hawkins, we had to do something with our kids (besides take them along of course!). My college friends Matt and April were up for the challenge. They were so gracious. Even though they'd only just returned from their own family vacation, they were okay with us dropping our kids off and staying the next two nights there. It worked out perfectly. Their house was very close to the church and we had such a fun time together. They're gonna finish their basement for us to live in ;)

That evening it began raining (we must have brought it with us) and continued through the night and into the next day. Therefore, we couldn't go swimming like we thought would maybe have been fun. But the forecast said it would stop raining after lunch so we planned to go to the zoo. We stopped at Target and a second hand store and bought jackets for everyone. I hadn't packed any warm clothes! 

April brought all four of their kids and we all braved the rain at the zoo together. Our entire time there was spent running from place to place to place. We all got absolutely soaked, but it was kind of fun! The nearest exhibit was some sort of monkeys. I like how you can't tell who's who because of the hoods.

Samuel, Terry, Addie, Ella, Evie, April, Nathan and Noah. 

I rushed outside because I thought a photo of them seemingly inside a zoo window on exhibit would be funny. 

Crazy kid. He might as well be in there with the monkeys. ;) 

Next we ran through the rain to the Squirrel Monkeys. They were the best. They were like free runners bouncing off every surface as they chased each other around. Very entertaining.  

We left and then came back when we realized we could it was monkey feeding time.  

The bald eagles were intimidatingly grumpy looking. I felt sorry for them though. Their enclosure was so small that they couldn't fly. Zoos always make me sad. 

Albino snake! Check out how saturated Noah's hair is. He didn't have the luxury of a hood. 

We all raced to the African animals because it was Noah's dearest ambition to see a cheetah, his favorite animal, up close. Terry and Samuel stopped on the way to talk to a giraffe.  

Hello Mr. Cheetah. What a nice back end you have. And that's all we ever saw of him. 

Next we ran to the rhinos. Evie, Ella and Addie were being silly.  

And Noah was being even more so. 

Da boys. 

Posting by the wire animals: Nathan, Noah, Evelyn, Ella, Evie and Samuel. It had finally quit raining! 

Lastly we saw the big asian cats.  There was an Amur Tiger but he was too far to see much. This Snow Leopard was much closer. He looked so grumpy and was pacing around his little cage. I want one. 

April took a family photo for us :) 

I didn't take any photos of Matt and April or the kids all playing at their house, except this one of Evelyn and Ezra. We had such a nice time with them.

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