Friday, September 18, 2015

water balloons

The first or second day after Samuel went back to preschool, Shari and her girls came over for a water balloon fight - sort of a goodbye to summer. I am not very good at tying the little boogers and even took a chunk of skin out of my cold, numb finger with my own nail, but after 45 minutes of tying, the kids were ready for approximately two minutes of fun.

And... GO!

Samuel was successfully hit several times and ran off crying. He's kind of dramatic. Poor guy. 

Whoops, there goes another one on Samuel. But really, most of them bounced off the kids and burst on the ground. Sigh. 

Got her! 

After calming down Samuel came over and showed us his good throwing arm. Look at that follow-through! 

After the two minutes of fun, the kids settled down to play in the sprinkler with their buckets. 

The neighbors (and their dog Snoop, who looks similar to our Snap - kind of funny name resemblance right?) got a good show out of the deal. 

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