Friday, September 11, 2015

Vacation 2015: Tim Hawkins

Finally, after a long summer of trips, we were able to get away as a family August 16-21. There was a baptism at church that Sunday morning, so when that was over, we high tailed it out of town, east to Sioux Falls. We arrived a half hour late, dropped our kids with our lovely friends April and Matt and headed to see Tim Hawkins live!

Tim Hawkins is a comedian we thoroughly enjoy. He reminds me of Terry quite a bit - they both make up very similar silly, punny, rhyming songs. I've wanted to go to one of his shows for a long time. We actually tried to make it work a year or two ago, but Ezra was just too little. When Terry took me to see U2 in Chicago this summer, I was secretly convinced we were seeing Tim Hawkins (there were several hints along the way; it wasn't all wishful thinking on my part). 

Since Nathan and Ana had just moved northeast a couple hours of Sioux Falls, we thought we'd make a family trip of it and go see them after Tim Hawkins. Here he is (very pixelated)! 

I assumed that even though the event started at 6pm, the comedian performing along with Tim would be opening the show. I was wrong. So it was a bummer that we missed the first 30 minutes of his act. This was at the end when both Tim and Jonnie W., were presenting jokes that didn't have a place in their act, and that we hadn't heard before. It was funny.  

We hung around at the end and bought a DVD of Jonnie W. and had him sign it. Then we turned around and Tim was driving around the church lobby on the segway he had used in his show.  We bought his book and lamely asked him to sign it. I wish we could have thought of something interesting to ask him, but we couldn't. Totally awkward. But he took a selfie with us! 

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