Sunday, August 23, 2015

first and last family picnic

On the final day of August, my family got together for the first time (and last time with Nathan and Ana) for a picnic at Dakota Point, which overlooks Sheridan Lake in the Hills. 

Nathan and Ana would be moving to Minnesota to start a new youth pastor position the following week and we thought this would be a fun thing for all of us to do together before they left. 
Terry and Noah played frisbee

It was a bittersweet time. Nathan and Ana got married back in 2009 and sometime thereafter Nathan started his first youth pastor job in Watertown. After a couple years, that job ended, unfortunately. They spent another year in Watertown finishing their house projects before they moved home to Rapid City. First they lived with my folks and then bought a place four houses away from my parents! So many fun memories of their time here, like when Nathan made us our school table or when they had Noah and Evie over for a sleepover.
I think Noah and Terry's record was 20 catches before they dropped it. 

Of course, the highlight of them being here (besides Ana getting to be the church secretary and help Terry and the church out a ton) was the birth of their first child, Theo. I'm so thankful that they were here for that milestone and doubly so because I was able to be a part of it.
Our lovely campsite. There was not another soul there and though it was quite hot it town, it was perfect up there.  

There's little Theo. He's nine months old now!

My mom is a fantastic cook so all the food was amazing. And she had leftovers for weeks I'm sure ;) What a fun time that was. 

A merry gathering. 

I'm quite fond of Thorin, though we just saw him again this last week on vacation and he's huge now :( 

Derp? The long legged Kveene's...

Every once in a while, which is often, the boys just need to wrestle... 

...even if they're at a picnic.

They need to try out their super hero moves...

...and defy gravity. That kind of thing.

At this point Thorin was just overtaking Snap in size. Now, three weeks later he's well past him. He is going to be a monster dog - in size, not mood, I hope (shock collar Ana? ;), ha ha). Oh and check out how Evie eats her corn - from the side of her mouth. She's missing one front tooth and refuses to nudge the other loose one out (it's been loose the entire summer)

My mom loooooves that Theo. 

 See? He is quite easy to love. Plus they have been watching him since Ana went back to work at the church. Living four houses away turned out to be very convenient. Not to mention the pizza nights! 

When it was time to go we decided we'd better go look at the lake before we left. 

Selfie smelfie. 


I wish I could live this night again. 

I finally got an updated family shot for their photo on my wall! How cute!!  

Theo wrinkles his nose in the exact way Ana does. It's adorable. 

The olders. 


So beautiful. 

So so beautiful :P 

While we put everything away, Noah and Samuel played around with Thorin. 

Ezra wanted to take this stick home. 

And Evie couldn't be outdone so she grabbed a bigger one. No one took any firewood home.  

We miss you Nathan and Ana!

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