Friday, July 24, 2015

Mexico reunion fiesta

On July 9th, about three and a half weeks after Terry's crew returned from their two week mission trip to Mexico and L.A., we all got together again to reminisce, eat authentic Mexican food and watch a slideshow of the trip. 

David, Steven and Terry helped people with their drinks.

Terry's co-worker, Paul, lives south of town in an amazing creekside setting. His wife Jana, and daughter, Mia, went on the trip so they hosted the party at their place. Talk about idyllic. Here you can see the sheet over the shed where they projected the slideshow. And beyond that were a couple picnic tables. Oh, and the beautiful sun shining through the tree. Gosh it was so beautiful that night.

Nathan and Ana came and I watched Theo for them while they ate. He wrinkles his nose the exact same way Ana does!!  


Terry's dad sold this old Studebaker truck to Paul last year and it looks amazing at their place. 

Noah loves the babies. Particularly his only boy cousin. 

I wish I had thought to bring swimming trunks for Noah or took the time to get some shorts from Jack, but Noah was in too much of a hurry. So I just let him go for it and swim in the creek with Jack. 


Jazmin and Emma enjoying the hammock next to the creek. 

They offered to take my photo. I think I look weird but everyone else said I look good. 


Terry's said he'd hate to live out here. So disgusting. ;) HA!  

One more jump sequence... 


...and the splash! 

Noah also tried out the inner tube. He had so much fun; you can just see it in his face. 

While Terry and I were watching Noah jump Evie ran up to announce she'd just lost a tooth. It was the top front tooth (the bottom one she lost a few days before).  

She thought it was so great that it came out while she was eating that s'more. 

There's Mia indulging Evie on the tire swing. 

This is Jazmin's youngest nine year old sister Jada.  

Prae, Emma, Rae and Jaz climbed into Jack's tree house. 

Evie on the swing. 

Jaz and Natasha in the tree - super high in the tree. 

They all made a mad dash when it was announced that it was time for the slideshow. I thought it was funny.

Sarah made all the food for this huge crew and then also put together the slideshow. She's quite the woman. 

Most of the students stayed late for one last worship session together. 

Jack and Noah - buds. 

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