Sunday, July 12, 2015

Noah's 2nd trip to Rainbow

A week after Terry returned from his two-week mission trip in mid-May, we dropped Noah off for his second ever week of camp at Rainbow Bible Ranch. It was definitely strange having him absent from the house during that week. It was so quiet! I think it was good for all of us to have a little space though. We were glad to have him back at the end of the week.

Like I've mentioned, we've had a very wet spring/summer. Therefore, the corral at camp was super muddy and soupy. They could only use a fraction of the total space they had and even that was still pretty thick.

They went alphabetically so we got to see Noah right away. When Larry was introducing Noah to the crowd he nearly called him Terry. He went on to say how Noah looked so much like Terry and how Terry spent a lot of time there as a kid. 

When Noah was getting off his horse in the back and the next kid was going, Larry became distracted by what was going on behind him. He laughed and said something like how he wished we could see what was going on back there. Turns out it was Noah - he had fallen in the mud after he dismounted!

We knew that the afternoon would be a long one since the drive was 40 minutes, there was a rodeo, dinner, and then a show. But for some reason we didn't think to leave the two littles with someone. We took them along. Ezra was happy in the stands for about 10 minutes... 

Then Ez got bored. He came down on the ground with me and spend a lot of time playing in the sandbox. Then he wanted to climb the fence and fall into the mud. We compromised and I held him above the mud. 

Shari, her girls and Grampa came out to watch as well. Here's Evie and Grace by the sandbox. 

Grampa and Sarah.

It was a large group and took a long time for all the kids to have their turn.

Once everyone was done going around the barrels, they went in reverse alphabetic order and raced to take a flag off a calves tail. 

The dismount. Check out his muddy jeans. 

See how muddy that corral was! 

Noah sat in the stands after his turn and we got to give him a hug. 

Larry went by and his big horse slopped mud on Terry. Ha! 

Dirty boys. 

We had dinner and then listened to the kids sing a couple songs and Larry tell some stories about the week. 

Noah waved at us a lot. He was glad to go home, but he had a good week.  

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