Thursday, July 9, 2015

at the fountains

A couple weeks ago Shari and I got together at Main Street Square so our kids could play in the fountains. Ezra, of course, did no such thing. Good thing I brought toys for him to play with at the table with me, because that's all he did.

Evie had a grand ol' time. She makes friends wherever she goes; every girl is a new friend.

So pretty. 

Samuel mostly messed around with this side spout. 

Grace and Evie are good buds. 

Oh, I guess Ezra did more than play at the table with me. He taught Sarah how to play on the marble barrier. Shari was worried so it's lucky no one got hurt. We were there a couple weeks ago though and I was watching Ezra from a distance. He was standing near here and just jumped off. The teens that were next to him were so sweet and caught him. Such a rebel. 

I hadn't sat down at the square for quite some time (probably since Terry's 35th birthday, nearly two years ago) and I didn't know the sculptor they had down there was shaping the marble is this way; more like etching. How cool is that?! 

Finally got a shot with all four in it. Oh, because Noah was at Rainbow Bible Ranch that week so we didn't have him along. The kids were all a little lost without him. 

One more of the marauding Ezra. Just kidding. He was only exploring and trying to climb.

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