Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4H tie dying

The day after Terry returned from his 2 week mission trip, I sort of forgot about the kids' rescheduled 4H meeting. We didn't want to leave daddy so we just took him with us! It was a really fun time. My friend Amanda is the mastermind of all the meetings. She really is amazing. For this meeting she had an educational video ready to teach the kids about colors... I like the big boys all standing in the back together.

...and then we all headed outside to tie-dye! Her driveway has lots of fun colors on it now. 

Julia, Aly, Abigail and Evie over-washing their hands. This turned into some kind of game, which I'm sure it was dramatic and girly.

The kids were super excited to wear their new shirts, but they took a couple days to dry. They turned out pretty good! Of course, Noah ripped his at Rainbow Bible Ranch so his now has a large patch in it. But it's all good.

And the backs. And cute little, ahem, big, Ez.

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