Tuesday, July 14, 2015

One Hand Planks in Mud

One overcast morning last month I was invited by a friend to go mountain biking here in town at M Hill. I am not a very experienced mountain biker, but I enjoy it. But man, it is hard. So much harder than I imagined. 

We were hoping the sprinkles that were present when we first started up the hill would stop as we went along. We were wrong! Rain = mud = poor biking conditions.

We were coming down the back side of the hill when we all stopped to walk across standing water. I foolishly tried to ride through it on the grass on the side. My bike got stuck in the mud and I just tipped over, catching myself with one hand with the rest of my body suspended over it, still on my bike. My hand sunk in way deep but I managed to get off my bike and get only my feet wet and not my entire body. We were laughing about it later and they gave me a nickname; something like One Hand Planks in Mud. That made it seem less embarrassing somehow. 

A little farther on we came to some really thick mud, like gumbo. We were just going to plow through but several people couldn't go any farther since their tires were so jammed packed with mud that they wouldn't even turn anymore! Here is Denise helping Brent wipe his tires off. We had to cup our hands into a C shape and pull the mud off.

This is Terry's bike when I got done with it. Most of the thick mud was already gone since we went back to higher ground and rode out of there. Every part of the bike was mud splattered, as was every part of me. There was even mud inside my camelback.

While the mud was still soft and wet was the time to clean it so we all dumped out bikes onto the overflowing creek bank and got to work.  
Paula, Brent, me, Kyle and Mary.

I was so ready for a shower when I got home. 

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