Sunday, July 6, 2014

Noah at Rainbow

While we were on the disConnect trip, Noah went to Rainbow Bible Ranch for the first time. He's in the center in red.

The only bummer part was that we were gone for the whole thing! So we didn't get to drop him off, pick him up or see his rodeo at the end of the week. But he did say he had a good time. 

It's hard to get details out of him. Perhaps because he's a boy since Evie had lots more to say. About all he said was that he lost his watch and there were leaches in the swimming hole so he didn't want to go in again. 

Both Grampas went to see Noah's rodeo and take some photos. I wanted to make sure someone saw him! For some reason, Evie had a chance to ride a horse with Mr. Larry and then rope a goat. Here you can see the sky darkening. There was a big storm that caused them to have to stop on the way home and wait for the rain to slow down. 

Evie and her goat.

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