Thursday, July 24, 2014

vacation at the children's museum

We hadn't been on a proper vacation since going to Redlodge, Montana with Terry's family back in 2010. Well, we did go visit Nathan and Ana last year, but only for a short time. So when we got an invitation to our very good friend's the Wardyn's eldest daughter's wedding, we had to go. We decided to make a vacation of it. 

We left Tuesday, July 8th, taking our new Envoy for it's true maiden voyage. The kids did pretty darn well for six hours, especially Ezra who'd never been on a long trip before. Poor Ezra just had to make due with just one small nap every day but he's such a good boy that he did great. 

We stopped first at the Wardyn's house for dinner so we'd have a little time with them. They are so great and we miss them terribly. 

That night we went to Gothenburg and stayed with another friend, Cheryl. She's always taken very good care of us and it was lovely to see her and Larry too and catch up a bit. 

The next day, Wednesday, we headed to Lincoln for the Children's Museum. We spent a full three hours there! What fun!

Terry and the littles played in the water area downstairs first. Ez got pretty wet.

Noah and Evie were next door making ball tracks and sending golf balls flying down them. What a great set up! If only we had something like this at our house, the kids would love it. It's just up Noah's alley. And Samuel loves balls too.

Outside both of those areas was this prairie dog town. Even Ezra could crawl inside. We spent most of our time down there. 

Evie prefered the stage area. She just kept pressing buttons to make the lights and funny sounds come on. She asked whatever kids were around to come out on the stage and she would announce them, but they didn't want to. So daddy stepped in with a funny hat. He is such a good daddy.  

My little prairie dogs.

Ezra shrunk! 

Noah found this ball machine on the main floor and was just glued to it. 

Samuel headed back downstairs with me after a while. How fun looking is that?! 

We could see Noah and his ball machine upstairs. :) 

We finished off the day in the baby area for poor Ez. He was just a little tired of being strapped in to his stroller. 

After the Museum, we had gyros for dinner downtown. We had originally planned on staying for free in the Pastor's Chambers at the Settle Inn, where we stayed for our first visit to the Omaha Zoo in 2011.   But our friend Kathy offered to let us stay at their new house in Lincoln. So that's what we did! Here we are at their house having a snack before going to bed for the night.

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