Monday, July 28, 2014

vacation: Rachael's wedding

The day after our visit to the zoo was Friday July 11. That morning we took it easy - let the kids play, cleaned up Dave and Kathy's house, prepared for more travel, and most importantly, let poor tired Ezra have a proper nap. Then we hit the road. We let everyone have a turn in front with Ezra. 

Noah's a good brother. He really likes Ez.

Once we got to Gothenburg, it worked out that Dave and Kathy were passing through, returning to Lincoln from their trip. We were able to meet up at the park in Gburg and have just a little time together. It was so great to see them.

That evening we had dinner and stayed with Terry's cousin, Tawnya and her family. The kids had fun with their cousins. Second cousins? We're not sure what to call the children of cousins...

The following morning was the event that we formed our entire trip around: Rachael's wedding. We sat in the back to keep our distractions to a minimum...ahem, Samuel and Ezra!

Noah's "best friend" Daniel, Rachael's youngest brother getting ready to get the party started.

Time to start mother of the bride! Yay! 

Here's what Ezra thinks of starting the wedding in the stroller ("Not the confounded stroller again! I will not have it!").

Pretty pretty Emily, Rachael's sister. 

And here comes the bride! Beautiful Rachael and proud papa Shawn. 

They got married under this beautiful, huge, spreading tree.  

Ez ate some dirt. 

Instead of a unity candle, they chose to have their families surround them and pray for them. Then Rachael gave Sam her purity ring.  

They saved their first kiss for this moment. Not gonna lie - Terry and I had tears. 

Married! Yay!!! 

Ez was also happy. 

We attended the reception for a couple hours before we just had to get on the road. It was truly a beautiful and moving wedding. So glad we were able to be there. 

Right before we loaded up we asked a friend to take a family photo of us. I always forget to do this when we're dressed up so I snatched the opportunity. Not bad! 

And...he's out. He napped for a good chunk of time, over an hour and we had a mostly pleasant drive home. It was a good trip. The only bad thing was that we were all sick with colds. 

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  1. What a beautiful wedding!!! Looks like a moving ceremony! Love reading about weddings like that. :)