Tuesday, July 29, 2014

paige and zach's wedding

The reason we ended our Nebraska vacation, and left Rachael's wedding, when we did was because we had to be back to Rapid to attend another wedding the very next day. 

Paige and Zach are youth workers of ours that who we've gotten close to, being their mentor couple and stuff.

We began to get to know them our first summer here in 2012, especially during the bike trip and disconnect, both of which they went on. I know this memory sticks out in Terry's mind, perhaps because of the sticky peanut butter Paige slapped on him during the bike trip. The punk!

Terry also fondly remembers when Zach and David stuck these yucca plants in their helmets for the final miles of the 2012 bike trip

Two months after the bike trip we went to Wyoming for our disconnect trip. Paige and Zach attended that and I have a feeling some attractions were starting there...

 They started dating December of 2012 and stopped by our house before Paige's senior prom on April 20, 2013, the same day that our kids were trampolining. I never posted these photos of them on the tramp so here are a couple. Wedding practice ;)

The kids had to show them the cool moves they learned earlier that day.  

Naturally, we had to be back for their wedding! It was the day after we returned from our vacation, Sunday July 13, and we were feeling pretty sick actually. That didn't stop us, though we didn't stay until midnight when it ended either. I'd seen weddings take place up there at Sylvan Lake (where National Treasure 2 was filmed) and it always seemed like the idyllic spot. Chyeah! Talk about beautiful photos!!!

The kiss :) 

After they got to the back Zach put Paige in a wheel barrow and wheeled her up to the reception. It was so cute with her little feet sticking out of all her dress fluff.  

We got to sit with all Terry's co-workers (who are our friends of course!) and another couple, Andrew and Alyssa (who are moving to Nebraska :( ). It was a beautiful and moving wedding. We felt so blessed to be a part of it. Love you Zach and Paige!
Alyssa, Andrew, Dave, me, Terry, Carol, Paul, Jana, Russ and Denise.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. What a cool 'mini journal' of how these two got started. Love it!!! (Kristi W.)