Thursday, July 3, 2014

10 year anniversary date

For our ten year anniversary Terry got a couple sitters and we escaped for about a complete 24 hour period. Boy did that feel strange, driving away from the house just the two of us. But that's how we started!

First we had lunch at the Firehouse downtown, did some walking around, bought an anniversary gift for me (a Camelback - yay!) and saw a movie - X-Men Day of Future Past. 

That night we ate at the Alpine Inn in Hill City and stayed at the Powerhouse Lodge in the Hills, the same place we went after our wedding. The next morning we had a large breakfast at The Colonial House and then went to test drive some pistols at the shooting range.

Terry was much more consistent than me...

...but I did alright too. 

I even got a bullseye! All in all, a very good anniversary. 
Kind of short for a post about ten years right?! More thoughts on what our anniversary means to me in my last post.

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