Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 4, 2014

Last year we mostly celebrated at home for the 4th, but this year we went to the ranch for the day. We brought the slip and slide and the kids had a nice time.

Grace kept wiping out. It was quite entertaining. :)

How long could they stand to stay in the water?

Even Terry's Grandma came up. It was nice when the sun was behind a cloud. 

Shari and Jesse with Grandma. 

After a big yummy dinner, Ezra made a new game of uncovering Terry's pillowed head. 

Around eight o'clock we all headed outside to light some fireworks. I went for the sunset. This is on the hill above Terry's folks house looking north west-ish.




And north up the hill. 

I walked easterly towards the calf field. What pretty bales of hay. 

Looking south on the other side of the house was a large storm with pretty clouds. We were glad it missed us.

Starting with some snakes.  

Ezra needs to learn to walk so he can have more fun outside. It was past the tired baby's bedtime.

Smoke bombs. 


We had some pretty good fireworks, the best of which was the huge one that tipped over and shot Terry in the leg (he was fine, but Noah and Evie were so freaked out that they went inside). The drive home was the best though. Since the area between Rapid and the ranch exit is full of neighborhoods, we could watch everyone else's fireworks from comfort of our van.

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