Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 4 2013

This year's Independence Day was pretty laid back for us. Nothing like fishing like last year or going out to friends in Gburg. We just stayed home, except for Terry who helped his dad rake some hay. But we do have a little newborn! Okay, so he was nearly five weeks old, but the excuse still applies I think.

Here's duckface girl and dreamy boy with sleepy-and-still-a-little-orange Ezra. Pretty sure we were waiting for daddy to get home.

Terry brought home the few fireworks that were allowed in the city. Here's a smoke bomb. Stinky.

We were encouraging Evie to light one herself but she was too afraid. It was quite silly. So I had to help her.

And these two are just too cute.

Pretty girl. This is a good shot of her new haircut too! Her hair is so fine that it tangles very fast and the tears when it was time to brush her hair were getting annoying. So we chopped it.

Pure concentration.

Evie got over her fright with the noise maker popper things and had a good time.

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