Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Destroyer Baby strikes again

We should really begin calling Destroyer Baby the Destroyer Toddler since we have a proper baby in the house again. Nonetheless, he has struck again. 

Can you see anything amiss in this photo of the new furnace venting? Samuel isn't even included, but his work is...

Earlier that day Samuel and Evie were playing in the dungeon with flashlights while Terry worked away at drywall. They went upstairs and outside and after a while, I heard a very distinct "clunk" sound which came from outside and registered in the corner of the dungeon. I told Terry he should check on Samuel because of the venting (I was nursing) and he misunderstood me about the venting but intercepted Samuel with a running hose outside nonetheless. Disaster was averted because we are fairly certain he was about to fill the furnace venting with hose water. Because, you see, it was a flashlight that he dropped in that furnace venting right before he grabbed the hose!

We discovered said flashlight in the new furnace venting when Terry turned off the sprinkler later that night. He asked me why the venting should be glowing and I just knew that it had been a flashlight which made that "clunk" sound and Samuel was the one who had thrown it down there. Evie verified this the next day.

So here's Terry getting ready to try to retrieve the flashlight with a clothes hanger.

He tried to grab it for like 20 minutes and was almost successful, but had to give up in the end. The following day he used our super powerful shop vac to try to suck it into the hose, but that didn't work either. He told the repair guy about it a couple days later when our brand new furnace was making terrible noises (grrrrrr! come on, it's brand spanking new!) and the guy just laughed and laughed and said they'd have to get the flashlight out before winter. So that's where we're at. 

After Terry tried the shop vac, he built a cage around the venting to keep Destroyer Baby out.

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