Wednesday, July 10, 2013


A few months ago, Terry had bought some long wooden dowels from Menard's to make a flag for a youth group event. Noah really loved that dowel and wanted to have one of his own. His desire for a long stick was heightened when he played with his friend Eli on Mother's Day and they used sticks to pretend they were Jedi knights. Also, his friend Asher has a super sweet legit toy lightsaber. 

So Noah desperately wanted a dowel to make his own lightsaber. Whenever Terry went to Menard's, Noah would ask him to buy him a dowel. Terry would never remember. So a couple weeks ago, Noah forked over the only two dollars he had from some birthday who knows how long ago, and insisted Daddy use it to buy a dowel. Terry couldn't forget after that! So he got Noah the longest dowel and a couple more for Evie and Samuel.

Terry also bought a rainbow pack of Sharpie markers and Noah spent two days coloring all three dowels to make them into lightsabers. Blue and red for himself. Because, you know, what's cooler than a double lightsaber?

Evie got pink and purple. She tried coloring her own for like five minutes and grew bored. Noah finished for her with no request or complaints.

I love Evie's expression. You know Noah's all serious but she's just having fun.

Noah colored Samuel's orange and yellow. So they had a lot of fun with their lightsabers for a few days and now they're all sitting in various parts of the house not getting played with. Poor dowels.

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