Friday, July 19, 2013

2013 YG pool party

This was the second year that Terry had a youth group pool party. Somehow I missed last year's and didn't want to again. So we all went.

I was worried about Samuel for good reason but he did just fine. Terry gave a general announcement for everyone to keep an eye on him and there were no close calls.

Noah had a blast. He just floated around in that inner tube and tried to take part in some of the games. Or perhaps he tried to interfere... Either way, he was having fun. I'm thinking about trying to get him on the swim team in town...

Samuel stayed close to daddy the entire time except when he had to go in the pool to play some games...

...Like here!
airborne Terry

He's so cute!

They had such a fun time. I enjoyed being photographer while some mom's inside the pool house watched Ezra.

Daddy was nearby so this little punk didn't drown.

Evie makes friends pretty easily. 

I took a ton of photos of the leaders throwing kids in. What's not fun about that?!

I uploaded this picture to the Oreo website :)

Zach helps Steven and David squeeze into some inner tubes. Love those boys. They even got one more tube over their heads.  


 How happy does Samuel look?

Total happiness.

Before long she'll be too big for this. 

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