Tuesday, July 9, 2013

dungeon: part 6, furnace, insulation

It's been almost another two months since my last dungeon post and it's high time for an update. I guess I've been too busy having a newborn to get this done!

In my last post in May, we had just passed our electrical inspection. Since then, we've got a lot done. It's helped that we are working in the evening after kid bedtime since we've finished watching Battlestar (sad face). So, Terry's put up all the insulation and we've had the new furnace put in.

Two days after Ezra was born, Terry was outside digging a trench for the gas line to go in. He wasn't feeling well at all because of a sinus and ear infection he didn't know he had, but that didn't stop him. 

Plus Terry is motivated by our neighbors who have been busily working on their enormous addition. I keep telling him that they are hiring it done so he shouldn't compare. I guess I shouldn't complain that we're moving along. :)
Here is the neighbor's huge addition to give more room for their family of six kids.

Once Terry got the line dug, the gas company came and installed this beauty.

Here is an old photo before we started all the construction (we have come so far!). To the far left you can see the old gray furnace. It was a good furnace but the heating bill was super expensive. Plus, it could not heat the dungeon. We considered putting in a gas fireplace, but thought if we were going to spend that much (it was a lot!), that we might as well go a little higher and invest in a gas furnace.

In this old photo you can see all the old silver insulated ducting in the ceiling (plus, I've gotten rid of nearly half of those tubs since I've sold almost all of Evie's old baby things)

Here is the new furnace! It's smaller than the old one and they replaced all that insulated ducting. They also added two vents to heat and cool the dungeon. We don't even need the AC for the dungeon though. We have those vents all blocked up.

Here is the new ducting. They also added an air return. And the white PVC piping is for venting.

The view from the other side. 

While we were waiting for the guys to install the furnace, Terry got all the insulation on the walls. And you can see that he's started hanging drywall too. Actually, he's nearly finished with the drywall (only has the hall left to do) but I'll wait to do another post until he's completely done. We are coming so close to being able to move down there! Yay!

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