Friday, July 26, 2013

2013 YG Waterslides

Halfway through July, Terry organized a fun day at the Waterslides in lieu of Wednesday night Youth Group. He even took Noah and Evie along to lessen my load for the day. Awe. Some.

When Daddy wasn't around to take her down slides, Evie hung out with her friend Mia. After Mia left  some youth group girls would hang out with her. She had a great time. And didn't drown. Mommy was happy about that.

Grown up girl. 

She can even plug her nose under water! Haha. All the kids were doing that and having Terry take their pictures with his new underwater camera.

Noah hung out with Lindsay. 

Shivering on the deck. 

Kiddie pool sliding. 

How much fun does he look like he's having? Really, Noah and Evie probably had a good day off from me

For some reason when I saw this photo, it really struck me how old Noah is. Wow. 

About to go down the river run with Daddy. 

Then he went down with Lindsay. He looks just a little happy. :P I'd say the day was a success.

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