Wednesday, July 3, 2013

slippin 2013

Daddy thought we needed a new slip n slide, so that's what he bought while he was out a couple weeks ago. The kids had quite a bit of fun since it was their first slip of the summer. They liked it last summer too, but the novelty seems to wear off... 
Evie gets sprayed

Samuel was a little hesitant. Perhaps he remembers falling and smoking his head last year... Maybe next summer he will be more into it. Plus, Ezra will be able to join them! Now that's exciting to me.

Noah and Evie had a ton of fun since they could go together. They kept backing up further and further in the yard so they could run faster for their jump down the slide.

 It's nice to see them smile so much.

Samuel looks like he's trying to squash a bug. I hope Evie didn't run into the poor kid.

What a nice backdrop for photos eh? Our neighbors are doing a huge addition right now. It's motivating Terry to work on our dungeon :)

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