Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Red Lodge - Day 1

Mid-August brought us VACATION TIME! We went home for the first day of our vacation and the next continued on with Terry's family (mom, dad, sister, bother-in-law) to Redlodge, Montana. We all drove together, at the same time, in Jerry's Rialta! Upon arriving, we found that Terry's cousin, wife and 2 kids were also at the cabin so we enjoyed that night and most of the next day together.

Here is Terry carrying Evie as we set out for our first expedition, a hike up the road...

I am a huge dork and forgot all of Noah's jeans that I thought I had packed. So he was in his pajama pants for the first night and day. It was necessary b/c it was pretty chilly up there!

...our hike up the road turned into a hike off the road when we decided to scale the mountain next to us. Here Terry is crossing the small stream that also goes behind the cabin and supplies it's water. And that's Brett, Terry's cousin.

Peek-a-boo girl on daddy's back

We made it about half way up the mountain, which looks pretty high, but really wasn't. We took a harder "trail," that wasn't really a trail at all and we were tired out.

The Rialta crew

I like this one

Terry is doing his Gandalf, "You SHALL NOT PASS!" stance atop a boulder

The slightly thinner area below and to the left the open area is where we made it to. The way down was so much easier b/c we didn't take same way as we did on the way up. Phew!

Here is the front door to the cabin as we get ready for lunch. The cabin was built in 1940 and owned by Terry's great Gramma and now it belongs to his Grampa.

What does Evie do when I tell her not to go in the stream?

This is Rock Creek, which was just a short walk from the cabin and the smaller stream behind our house fed into it. That's Terry's mom on the bridge. His dad attempted fishing, but had no luck.

Evie was super tired and slept for 3 hours this day. Unfortunately she awoke at 530am the following morning and woke up Shari!

Here is the bane of my existence: The Farming Game. Okay, okay, it's not really, but it's not my favorite. It's a childhood "favorite" of Terry's which he forced upon us all. But we played the whole game which took several hours upon several hours, but it did end, eventually, thankfully. And Terry won.

Playing in the dirt and pine needle yard.

Jerry is playing "Washers" with Terry while Jesse and Shari watch. Jesse was just learning at this point but became so good that no one could beat him, which he too thoroughly enjoyed.

Noah wants a bow-and-arrow like this. We'll have to keep that in mind.

Terry is throwing his washer to the opposite hole in the ground. Oh and we took Snapdog with us, which was SO annoying. And the outhouse is pictured behind Terry.

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