Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1. "before and after" yard

Okay, I've decided to get this done - the before and after blogs. As of May 28th, we moved into our very first home - not a rental and not a parsonage. And we did a lot of work (mostly inside) that we're proud of. Especially since it all took place just four weeks in May before we moved in at the end of that month.

Here is the front of our house. I don't have a before photo and even if I did, it looks pretty much the same...

The view from across the street. There are two maples and an oak tree in the front.

This is the back deck at Easter, shortly before we started work. Notice that there is no railing, though the deck is great. Also, we've trimmed up the pine trees. The next thing on the list is a fence and a roof!

This is another "before" shot of the back yard. It's the same except more green, and the large maple tree is trimmed up a little.

Here are "after" photos. This is the deck now. Thanks to Terry's dad, we have a railing.

The current view of the backyard.

The view to the north of our neighbors lawn and freshly weeded patio.

Poor Snap would really like a fence... That's next!

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