Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8. "before and after" downstairs

Here is the "before" view of the downstairs taken from the stairs. Notice the lights - these same ones were what we replaced in the rest of the house. We have yet to replace these two...

"After" view. We pretty much just scraped, cleaned and painted the walls and replaced the carpet down here.

"Before" looking into the guest bedroom. To the right is another bathroom, thought it's not pictured.

"After." The door with the fan is to the guest room and then of course the other door is the bathroom which still has a lot of work to be done - exhaust fan and new shower surround. But it does have a new toilet and faucet so that's something.

"Before" view of the built in shelving. I had almost wished that we took all this out, but it looks beautiful now... Notice the mirror and the cupboard to the left of it, as well as the cupboard underneath it and the criss-cross shelving.

"After" shelving. All those things are gone now! We took out the mirror and the cupboard to the left and under to fit the tv and dvd players. Herb and Dave removed the criss-cross business. JoAnn also painted these doors, drawers and shelves for me!

"Before" looking up the stairs to the front room.

"After" with two kids. Notice how I painted the wood "trim" stuff on the right.