Friday, August 27, 2010

a new park

My sister was here during this last week of August. She hadn't seen our house and just wanted to see me, her niece and nephew and funny Terry. I tried very hard to keep us busy so she wouldn't just leave us and therefore we drove an hour to this new park. The kids were entertained, we ate out at q'doba (ya baby) and then did a little shopping.

Steph is helping Evie down Noah's favorite roller-thingy slide. Evie wasn't such a fan...

This park was really awesome. And it was such a gorgeous day. I was so glad we went.

Noah likes to do stuff with his sister, like going down this slide. He kept trying to get her to go down the roller slide but she didn't want anything to do with it.

As I said, he loved this one. And in the left background you can see the other play area made in the shape of a pirate ship!

It was also like a sprinkler park! To let the fun begin, you just had to put your hand on this blue sensor thing and they'd come on by timer and the water would just drain away.

Noah got a lot more wet than his sister.

Hmmmmm, what will he do?

Run through of course!

Stephanie and I were dorks, standing right in front of the sprayer to the right. All of them are on timers so while it wasn't on initially, it certainly came on in time to get us good.

Steph got it worse =0

Scaling the pirate ship

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