Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2. "before and after" front room

The "before" photo of the front room. The door to the right-most is where you enter the house. The house actually has four levels to it. You can see the bedrooms going up and the family room is down. Under this front room is the "dungeon" as we call it, which is just a finished basement.

"After." We painted the ceilings, walls, wood "trim" going up the stairs and the closet door, which also needed to be patched. We replaced the front door, added four can lights and a fan (there was no lights or fan before). Terry tore out the old carpet and pad and installed the new wood floor himself. He also put new trim up in this room.

"Before" view from the upstairs landing.

"After." It really helped to get our stuff on the walls as well.

Here is the "before" wood "trim" or whatever this stuff is called...

And "after"! The carpet is new though perhaps it's hard to tell. We put new carpet on all the stairs, the upstairs landing and the downstairs.

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